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  5. Sprats

    • Sprats
    • SAFA

    see rowlands is on right now viewing santas licence

  6. Sprats

    • Sprats
    • SAFA

    see rowlands has had a look just a while ago

  7. Sprats

    • Sprats
    • Sara

     And Here


  8. Getdanet

    • Getdanet
    • Drummo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY   GREG     hope you have a great day

    and get some nice loot and plunder


    cheers yatesy and lee-rae

  9. Getdanet

    • Getdanet
    • Sprats

    HEY john    hope you are well 

    the member i was referring too   was  BARNEY B

    might be worth the time to PM him just to verify what i said

    he wrote about it a while back    cant remember the thread ?


    but if he verify s it     good ammo for later

    and a way to disproved their pumped up bogus membership no s


    all the best mate   yatesy

    1. Sprats


      G'Day Dave.

      Yes, I know it was Barney,
      RFSA may have just shit in their own nest. They have gained members by default, admitted that they are members but have over looked that as "Members" they are bound by the RFSA Constitution.
      That's an invasion of the rights of a Rec IMO.
      I have already tasked the group to obtain a screen shot of that RFSA Permit application for the Warren so it can be proven.
      Rowlings was on the forum just as I posted that comment, I bet his fkn eyes popped when he read and digested it !

    2. Getdanet


      love your work   my son    glad to help  !!

      ah  the plot thickens    be good to see them fall on their own sword !!


      cheers yatesy

  10. Sprats

    • Sprats
    • chillicrab

    Well done on that massive volume of posts George. That's real dedication IMO

  11. Sprats

    • Sprats
    • Anz

    Gee, that Fluro green on the topic titles is hard on the eyes Anz

  12. chillicrab



    1. Sprats


      Good, I can see it George

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